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ABB TP858 3BSE018138R1Power module DCS system

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Country of origin: Swiss
Product type: Quantum series
Dimensions 30* 20 * 20 cm
N.W: 1.02 kg
Quality: 100% new and original

Product Introduction : 

Speed control
In the process of unit speed increase, the speed signal is used as the feedback signal of the speed after the logic selection of three, and the regulator is controlled by the
speed adjustment loop
Speed of the unit. When increasing speed, the operator can set the target speed and rate of increase. Enter the critical zone, automatically overtake and dodge.
Concurrent control
After entering the speed range of the same period, it can carry out the same operation, send the contact in the input state to the corresponding device, and change the
target value according to the speed increase and decrease pulse sent by the corresponding device.
Initial load function
After the unit is connected to the grid, the initial load is automatically added to the regulator after the unit is connected to the grid in order to prevent the unit from running
with reverse power.
Valve position control

After the unit is connected to the grid, it will automtically enter the valve position control. The valve position control belongs to the open loop control. The operator can
directly input the load percentage to increase or decrease the load carried by the unit.
Power control
After the unit is connected to the grid, the power control can be put in according to the actual need under the condition that there is no fault in the power signal channel.
The power control is based on the actual power of the unit as feedback, and the unit load is controlled by PID adjusting the opening of the high switch door.

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Analog input module MC-PAIH03 Honeywell 51304754-150


Analog input module MC-PAIH03 Honeywell 51304754-150

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Analog input module MC-PAIH03 Honeywell 51304754-150

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