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T8402 Trusted Dual 24Vdc Digital Input Module

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The 9852 AADvance controller checks its measured input values by continuously detecting possible calibration drift
The AADvance controller checks its measured input values by continuously detecting possible calibration drift. The controller uses a variety of hardware to compare tw0 measurements. It is recommended that you perform this calibration drift check once every two years.

Product details:

The T8402 Trusted⑥TMR expansion processor module resides in the Trusted processor slot of the expansion chassis and provides the expansion bus and “slave”interface chassis baseplate between the expansion chassis. The extension Bus allows the use of an extension bus to achieve unmasked twisted pair (UTP) connectivity of multiple chassis systems while maintaining fault tolerance, high bandwidth intermodule bus (IMB) capability.The module provides fault control for the extender bus, the module itself, and the extender to ensure that the impact of these potential failures is local and system  availability is maximized. This module has the fault tolerance of hft TMR architecture. Comprehensive diagnostics, monitoring and testing provide rapid fault  identification. Hot spare and module standby support configurations to allow automatic and manual repair policies

The 9852 extension processor is a fault-tolerant design based on the TMR structural arrangement in a lock step configuration. The basic structure of the TMR extension processor is expressed in simplified terms. The module has three main fault containment areas (FCR A, B and C). The fcr contains the interface of the  extension Bus and the Inter-Module bus (IMB). The IMB is the interface between the primary and secondary buses and other TMR extension processors in the chassis,the control logic, the communication transceiver and the power supply. Communication between T885 TMR processors is through the TMR expander interface module and triple expansion bus. The extension bus is a triple point-to-point  architecture. Each channel of the extension bus includes separate command and response media. The extender bus interface provides a vote to ensure that cable failures are tolerated, extending the rest of the processor in a full triple mode even if a cable failure occurs.

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