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Schneider MC-4/11/22/400 The industrial control module is brand new

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model: MC-4/11/22/400
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product description:

The surge current reduction module (ICRM) limits the surge current to a safe level to prevent damage to the protected voltage regulator during power on. In the absence of surge protection, surge current is only limited by the impedance level of the power supply. The lower the impedance, the greater the risk of excessive inrush current damaging the regulator. Due to the inherent large number of capacitors in the design, devices with pulse width modulation (PWM) power stages are particularly susceptible to high inrush currents. However, voltage regulators using SCR type power stages do not require ICRM protection, as these regulators do not have a large amount of capacitance in the power stage. When a voltage regulator with a PWM power stage is energized, ICRM limits the inrush current by adding a high-level resistor in series with the power input of the voltage regulator. Once the inrush current subsides, these series resistors rapidly decrease to allow the nominal steady-state current to flow.
Applications where voltage regulators are powered by permanent magnet generators (PMGs), auxiliary windings, or generator outputs (parallel power supply) typically do not require ICRM protection. These power sources typically have higher power impedance, thereby inherently minimizing surge currents. In addition, these power supplies are usually directly connected to voltage regulators without the need to insert relays, contactors, or switches. If this is the case, then no surge will occur due to the power supply voltage rising to its rated value. However, if rated or near rated voltage is applied to the voltage regulator, a certain amount of inrush current is expected, and ICRM should be considered. Usually, voltage regulators in these applications receive power from the factory bus switched by relays or contactors. The application of PWM voltage regulators powered by low impedance power sources requires ICRM to minimize the amount of surge current. In short, if the voltage supplied to the voltage regulator gradually rises to the rated value as the generator speed increases, then ICRM is not required. If this is not the case, ICRM should be used. If you are unsure if your application requires ICRM, please contact Basler Electric technical sales support for assistance.

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Xiamen Xingruijia Import and Export Co., Ltd.’s product content includes distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), MOTOROLA MVME industrial modules, industrial control communication converters (Anybus), remote output/input modules (RTU), industrial computers (IPC), industrial low-frequency screens (IPC), human-machine interface SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway), which has become a global sales enterprise for industrial automation spare parts and components

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