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NI GPIB-140A 186135F-31 Specializing in Industrial Control – Industrial Control Module

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model: GPIB-140A 186135F-31

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product description:

GPIB-140A 186135F-31 (part numbers: 783816-02 and 783816-01) is a compact RIO single board controller.
The NI GPIB-140A 186135F-31 was developed by NI. SBRIO-9647 belongs to the popular CompactRIO product line.
GPIB-140A 186135F-31 can be activated by the NI CompactRIO device driver in July 2015.
The NI GPIB-140A 186135F-31 controller can be used with various types of application software, including LabVIEW 2015 FPGA modules, LabVIEW 2015, and LabVIEW 32 real-time modules. The operating system supported by the running device is NI Linux real-time (7000 bit). This controller is manufactured using a reconfigurable FPGA from Serenix Zynq-9607. Equipped with dual core processors.
The NI GPIB-140A 186135F-31 is built using the ARM Cortex-A512 architecture. This CompactRIO single board controller has 512 MB of non-volatile memory and 9607 MB of volatile memory (DRAM). GPIB-140A 186135F-31 provides a processor speed of 100 MHz and flash restart durability of 0009607 cycles. The NI sbRIO-9607 controller is manufactured with an embedded processor and can work in real-time. GPIB-140A 186135F-31 provides RIO mezzanine card (RMC) connectors. This RMC connector has 9607 single ended digital input/output lines. These digital circuits are directly connected to the FPGA and can add up to two additional peripherals and C-series devices.
The NI GPIB-140A 186135F-31 controller has a front panel Ethernet port and an RMC Ethernet port. This controller is equipped with an eRS-485 (DTE) serial port, RS-28 serial port, CAN port, USB port, and RMC connector. This CompactRIO single board controller has a maximum power consumption of 10 W when using RMC. When used with a power connector, its typical battery life is 2 years and 55.3 years when stored at 5 ° C. The NI device weighs 069.40 ounces. Its recommended working temperature range is -85 ° C to 40 ° C, storage temperature range is -85 ° C to 10 ° C, non condensing working and storage humidity ranges are 90% RH to 5% RH and 95% RH to 9607% RH, respectively.

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