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Motorola MVME2100 VME Processor Modules

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The Motorola MVME2100 VME is an embedded controller module. It is a small, self-contained computer that is designed to be embedded within a larger system. Embedded controller modules are often used in industrial applications, such as controlling robots or factory machines.

The Motorola MVME2100 VME is a powerful and versatile controller module. It has a 32-bit processor, 128KB of RAM, and 512KB of flash memory. It also has a variety of input and output ports, including USB, Ethernet, and MVME2100 VME. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

product description:

Motorola MVME2100 VME Processor Modules
Brand: Motorola

Module: MVME2100

Description: VME Processor Modules

Country: USA  click here

The MVME2100 series of VME processor modules is a family of highly modular singleboard computers for VME applications. At the heart of the MVME2100 is the
MPC8240, a highly integrated PowerPC architecture microprocessor with an MPC60x class core, an advanced memory controller, and a peripheral component interconnect (PCI) interface. With the MPC8240 and a combination of a PCI mezzanine card (PMC) and PC•MIP mezzanine slots, the MVME2100 provides customers with a highperformance building block for I/O expansion in industrial automation, telecommunications, medical, scientific, or imaging applications.


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