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MOOG G123-825-001 Dongle controller

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Place of Origin:USA

Brand Name:MOOG G123-825-001

Warranty:1 Year

Package:Orginal Package

Quality:100% Original 100% Brand


Payment term:T/T, Wester Union, Credit


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product description

The G123-825 Buffer Amplifier is intended to interface between the output of standard signal sources, such as a PLC or servo amplifier, and a Moog servo\ proportional valve. It accepts three types of signal input and can output most of the Moog servo\proportional valve signals. It has a single pole active filter to remove noise from the input signal.
PLC ±10 V and 4-20 mA inputs:
The G123-825 interfaces between standard PLC analog output signals of ±10 V and 4-20 mA on the input side and the Moog valve on the output side. This solves the compatibility problem between these signals and the valve requirement.
Mechanical feedback (mfb) valve input:
The G123-825 interfaces between the current output of a servo amplifier, on one side, and a Moog valve on the other. This enables old mfb valves to be replaced by modern electrical feedback (efb) valves, without changing the servo amplifier. The buffer amplifier takes the existing servo amplifier output and converts it to an efb compatible signal.

Input filter:

The G123-825 has a filter to remove noise from the input signal. The filter time constant is switch selectable. The switch selections sum, so a large variety of time constants is available.

The output signals are switch selectable. They are:
* 4 to 20 mA fixed. Suitable for efb valves
* 0 to ±10 V fixed. Suitable for efb valves
* 0 to ±5 to ±100 mA switch selectable. Suitable for mfb valves.

Suitable for efb valves when set to ±10 mA The output current selector switches can have more than one selected,
so the selected values sum. For example, selecting 30 and 50 mA together gives a full scale output of ±80 mA.
The buffer amplifier is housed in a compact DIN rail housing and requires a 24 VDC supply. Front panel test points and valve drive LEDs facilitate commissioning and trouble shooting.

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