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INTELLISCANDE III14-532NM Intelligent Scanning IntelliSCA

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Item NO.: III14-532NM

Product Origin:Sweden
Color:Brand New
Shipping Port:Xiamen
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The intelligent scanning intelliSCA/N/series scanning head has advantages such as scalability and digital servo circuits, and its powerful algorithms can improve dynamic performance and labeling quality. In addition, electronic devices greatly enhance the range of diagnostic possibilities and communication between scanning systems and customer control computers. SCANLAB can be equipped with various control algorithms and parameter settings (tuning) for its digital servo firmware. Switching between different algorithms or sets (even during processing) allows for dynamic changes in scanning heads, etc. In order to best adapt to specific task requirements. Adjustments for specific applications can improve speed and/or positioning accuracy. The IntelliSGA/V scanning head allows real-time monitoring of all critical operating states of the scanning system, such as mirror position, mirror speed, driving current, power supply voltage, and temperature. Therefore, the scanning process can be simulated, or monitored, recorded, and modified, especially in safety critical applications, if necessary. The intelligent SCAA/series scanning heads also create new possibilities for remote diagnosis. They have the necessary facilities to support software queries for cumulative running time, serial number, manufacturing date, and basic operating status. Therefore, deviations can be quickly detected and corrected. IntelliSCA/V * is a high-end product of this scanning head series. Using a galvanometer scanner with a digital encoder, IntelliSCA/^ has very low drift and jitter values, making it ideal for high-end applications. Typical applications: micro mechanical machining marking, welding, drilling rapid prototype production, rapid mold manufacturing, photovoltaic production dynamic processing

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