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HPK-E1310C-MA42AA servo motor

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Here are some of the specifications of the HPK-E1310C-MA42AA servo motor:

  • Voltage: 400 VAC
  • Power: Not specified
  • Speed: 1500 RPM
  • Torque: Not specified
  • Encoder: Multi-turn high resolution absolute encoder
  • Blower: Inline blower
  • Junction box: F3 junction box (no brake only)
  • Feedback: Right angle, 180° rotatable
  • Brake: No brake
  • Mounting: IEC metric, free mounting holes (type FF), foot mount and flange mount/keyed shaft

product description:

The HPK-E1310C-MA42AA is a 400V AC rotary servo motor produced by Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley brand. It was part of the HPK-Series of high-power asynchronous motors, but it is now discontinued as of October 1, 2023.

Here are some of the key specifications of the HPK-E1310C-MA42AA:

  • Voltage: 400V AC
  • Power: Not specified
  • Speed: 1500 RPM
  • Encoder: Multi-turn high resolution encoder (absolute feedback)
  • Blower: Inline blower
  • Junction box: F3 junction box (no brake only)
  • Feedback: Right angle, 180° rotatable
  • Brake: No brake
  • Mounting: IEC metric, free mounting holes (type FF), foot mount and flange mount/keyed shaft

The HPK-E1310C-MA42AA was a high-performance servo motor that was well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications. However, since it is now discontinued, it may be difficult to find new units. If you are looking for a similar motor, you may want to consider other models in the HPK-Series or other servo motors from Rockwell Automation or other manufacturers.

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