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HONEYWELL CC-IP0101 51410056-175 analog i/o modules

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Product Keywords: CC-IP0101 51410056-175
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HONEYWELL CC-IP0101 51410056-175 analog i/o modules
All Series C components feature an innovative design that supports enhanced heat management. This unique look
provides a significant reduction in overall size for the equivalent function.
The unique features of Series C /0 include:
●I/0 Module and fleld terminations are combined in the same area. The I/0 Module is plugged
into the I0TA to eliminate the need for a separate chassis to hold the electronics assemblies.
. Two level “detachable” terminals for landing the field wiring in the enclosure, providing easier
plant installation and maintenance.
●Field power is supplied through the IOTA, with no need for extra power supplies and the
associated craft wired marshalling.
●Redundancy is available directly on the IOTA without any external cabling or redundancy control
devices, by simply adding a second I0M to an I0TA.
innovative styling is one of its unique features. This styling includes features to
facilitate the effective use of control hardware in a systems environment. These features include:
. Vertical mounting for more effective wiring since most field wiring applications require entry from the top or bottom of
the systems cabinet.

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