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GE IC670CHS102A Analog Input Module

In stock
  • Brand: GE IS200WETBH1ABA
  • Item NO.: New automated inventory
  • Order(MOQ):1
  • Payment:T/T (100% Pay In Advance)
  • Market Price:$123
  • Price:$123
  • Product Origin:USA
  • Shipping Port:FOB Xiamen
  • Lead Time:In Stock
  • Sales Manager:Jinny
  • Whatsapp/Mobile:+86 15359273791

Benefits for you

1.lower your support costs

2.Provide on-going availability of automation replacement parts

Warranty: 12 months. Lead time: 1-2 working days.

Type of payment:T/T Courier partners: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS.

Technical specification, manuals and data sheets: Available on request.

To get our best price & fast quotation, pls send us e-mail now.

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We have a large inventory of spare parts for industrial control systems. Manufacturers cover a wide range and

also work with a wide range of suppliers.Fast shipping to provide you with the best solution to meet your urgent needs

If we don’t have the stock request quotation you need, we can usually find it for you.Moore Automation also offers quality

outdated/discontinued spare parts to extend the installed life of your installed control system and reduce maintenance costs.

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