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FOXBORO FBM219 RH916RH Fieldbus module controller


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Product Keywords: FBM219 RH916RH
Condition :100% Original
Package :100% Original Package
Warranty :1 Year
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Touch screen, robot system, large servo control system

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Logistics, always meeting your needs. Welcome to inquire 

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Established since 2008,thousands of clients worldwide

trust us with their industrial control needs.

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Xingruijia have large of GE Excitation cards inventory.Moore has the ability to support end users 

who need parts to keep their obsolete panels operational.You don’t have to look elsewhere for

the best sourcing deals.Partner with our company and enjoy best the best discounts on our 

products.We will quote to you within the shortest possible time with our best price.

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Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are a trading company.

Q: Do you have inventory or need to buy from other suppliers?

A: We keep a lot of inventory to sell, and we have our own warehouse.

Q: Do you provide 100% original and new products?

A: Of course. No plagiarism, no counterfeiting, no renovation! Original only! ! !

Q: Do you sell outdated products? Even a very old product?

A: If there is a new model that needs to be replaced, we will recommend you to use the new model; 

if it is not easy to replace, we will help check the old one in good condition. 

If used or other conditions, we will tell you the truth.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: If the goods are in stock, it usually takes 2-3 working days. If the quantity is large, 

it will take 5-7 working days after receiving the payment.

If it is not a normal product, it always takes 3-4 weeks or 6-8 weeks to order.

Packaging & Shipping

More relevant inventory models:

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FBM201b 8-channel 0-100MV input interface component

FBM201c 8-channel 0-5VDC input interface component

FBM201d 8-channel 0-10VDC input interface component

FBM202 8-channel thermocouple/millivolt input interface assembly

FBM203 8-channel thermal resistor input interface component

FBM203b 8-channel thermal resistor input interface component

FBM203c 8-channel thermal resistor input interface component

FBM204 8-channel 0-20MA input interface component

FBM206 8-channel pulse input interface component

FBM207 16 channel voltage monitoring input interface component

FBM207b 16 Channel 24VDC Contact Input Interface Assembly

FBM207c 16 channel 48VDC contact input interface component 1

FBM208 output read back redundancy 8-channel 0-20MA input/output interface component redundancy 4AI/4AO

FBM211 16 channel 0-20MA input interface component 16AI

FBM212 14 Channel Thermocouple Input Interface Assembly 14T/C

FBM214 8-channel HART communication input interface component 8HART input

FBM215 8-channel HART communication output interface component 8HART output

FBM216 redundant 8-channel 0-20MA/HART communication input interface component redundant 8AI/HART input

FBM217 32 channel discrete input interface component 32DI

FBM218 redundant 8-channel 0-20MA/HART communication output interface component redundant 8AI/HART output

FBM219 24 channel voltage monitoring input, 8-channel discrete output interface component 24DI/8DO

FBM223 2-channel PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus interface component 2DP host

FBM228 4-segment Foundation Fieldbus interface component 4H1

FBM230 4-channel serial communication single card 4 RS232/422/485 ports

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