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BENTLY 350025 125792-01 motion control module

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BENTLY 350025 125792-01 advanced robots for industrial and consumer applications require complex high-power density motion components for joints and linkages, which must operate smoothly, typically at high torque and relatively low speeds. When robot applications still have to perform precise movements, the challenge becomes even more complex. The core of most leading robot actuator options is the electric motor. This is because the electric motor drive design minimizes recoil, friction, weight, and inertia, while maximizing efficiency, speed reduction, and power density. The motion layout and scale of the robot determine the most suitable motor and mechanical components (such as gear units).
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Relay module 350025 125792-01 integrates and serializes a single low-power relay in the electrical control cabinet, reducing intermediate connection links and improving product performance. This product conforms to the trend of miniaturization and integration, and is an updated product of the original single relay. Other products can be designed according to different CNC systems to better meet the needs of modern CNC machine tools. Each relay is equipped with an action indicator light; There are continuous current protection diodes at both ends of the relay coil. Relay contact protection options: diode protection circuit, fast fuse, resistance capacitance absorption; Contact current selection: 10A or 15A (amplification board 6A).
Contact protection circuit options include fast melting protection, RC resistance capacitance absorption, and diodes.

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