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BENTLY 330901-05-32-05-02-00 Spare 4-Channel Relay Output Module

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BENTLY 330901-05-32-05-02-00 Advanced robots for industrial and consumer aplications require complex high-power-density motion components for joints and links that must operate smoothly, typically at high torque and relatively low speeds. The challenge is compounded when robotic applications must also make precise movements. The centerpiece of most leading robot actuator options is the electric motor.This is because the motor drive design minimizes recoil, friction, weight, and inertia while maximizing eficiency, speed reduction, and power density. The motion arrangement and scale of the robot determines which motors and mechanical components, such as gearing, are most suitable.

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The relay module 330980-51-00 integrates and serializes the single low-power relay in the electrical control cabinet, reduces the intermediate connection link, and improves  the performance of the product. The product conforms to the development trend of miniaturization and integration, and is an updated product of the original single relay. The other products can be designed according to different CNC systems, more adaptable to the needs of modern CNC machine tools. Each relay is provided with an action indicator light; Both ends of the relay coil are provided with a continuous current protection diode.The contact protection of relay is optional: diode protection circuit, fast melting insurance and resistance and capacitance absorption; Contact current choice: 10A or 15A (amplifier plate 6A).
Contact protection circuit optional: fast melting protection, RC resistance and capacitance absorption, diode.

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