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BENTLY 330130-080-00-00 processor module Exclusive discount

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Product Description

BENTLY 330130-080-00-00 Differential Expansion Axial Position Module accepts input signals from Nevada proximity sensors, provides various vibration and position measurements, and compares user programmable alarm signals for conditions. The user programmable 3500/40m 3500 rack is configured with software for each channel to perform the following functions: radial, vibration, thrust, position, and differential expansion.
Note: The monitoring channel is correct and can complete two functions of these functions in one time. Channels 2 and 1 can perform one function, while channels 3 and 4 perform another (or the same) function.
The main purpose of 3500/40m monitoring is to provide:
1. By continuously comparing and configuring monitoring parameters, alarms are set to drive alarms for mechanical protection.
2. Basic machine information for operation and maintenance personnel.
Each channel, according to its configuration, usually has various parameters of its input signal called “static values”. Users can configure any two alarm settings with active static values for each activity’s static value and danger value.
3500/45 position display
The 330130-080-00-00 module can be combined into a two out of two or two (recommended) system.
The use requirements of redundant power supply in 3500 racks include overspeed detection systems.

✦ Frequently Asked Questions

—How long can I get the product?
The products are large in stock and can ship today.
—Do you provide warranty for the goods?
Yes, we offer a one-year warranty on all goods shipped from us.
—What are payment ways?
There are many ways(T/T….) for you to choose and You can choose anyone you want.

✦ Features of PLC

1.High reliability, strong anti-interference ability
2.Programming is simple and easy to use
3.Design, easy installation, less maintenance work
4.Functional, versatile, and can achieve three integrated power
5.PLC combines electronic control (logic control),
electrical instrument (process control) and electric junction (motion control).

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