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1756-L63B Allen-Bradley ControlLogix analog input module

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The 1756-L63B’s rea-time sampling feature lets the module multicast data it gathered from scanning all of its input
channels. To enable multicast, configure Real-Time Sampling (RTS) period and a Requested Packet Interval (RPI) period.
Protection features are also embedded with this module such as under-range/over-range detection, feature of the
module which is used to monitor if the input signal falls beyond the limits set by the input range. The process alarms
work similarly however the process limits are manually set by the user. The integrated rate alarm allows the module to
detect a rapid increase or decrease within a short defined period of time. Rate alarm is only available in applications
using floating point. Wire off detection feature provide loop wiring completeness. It can detect if the RTB or a wire in the module has been disconnected.

product description

1756-L63B Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controller
The Allen-Bradley. 1756-L62 is discontinued ControlLogix controller that features an integrated user memory of 4MB. This controller entered discontinued phase on June 01, 2017 with a functional replacement of 1756-L72 therefore, this  module is a spare part item. Furthermore, The entire 1756-L62x is functionally replaced by 1756-L72x.ControlL ogix controllers are capable of implementing complex control of medium to large processes. It may be used in Factory or Process automation applications. It can handle up to a maximum count of I/0 amounting to 128,000.This controller requires a user program to be downloaded to it. Both Series A and B are compatible for use with any version of RSLinx.

Aditinall, this controller also supports inter-controller communication where data inside the controller is sent to another controller in the network via a specific instruction, depending on the communication module used. This controller can host up to 250 simultaneous connections. Specific network connections per module include 100 connections for ControlNetusing 1756-CN2/A; 40 connections for ControlNet using 1756-CNB/D or 1756-CNB/E; 128 connections for ControlNet using 1756-CN2/B and 256 EtherNet/IP; 128 TCP using 1756-EN2x and 128 EtherNet/IP and 64 TCP with 1756-ENBT.

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