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100% Brand New Original PLC Module Ready Stock KJ3002X1-BF1

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Essential details

Place of Origin:USA

Brand Name:KJ3002X1-BF1

Warranty:1 Year

Package:Orginal Package

Quality:100% Original 100% Brand


Payment term:T/T, Wester Union, Credit


Delivery time:1-2days



product description

OVATION KJ3002X1-BF1 is an analog output module commonly used in industrial automation systems. The main function of the analog output module is to convert digital signals into analog signal outputs for use by other devices or systems.
Specifically, the functions of the OVATION KJ3002X1-BF1 analog output module may include the following aspects:
Control actuator: The analog output module can convert digital control signals into corresponding analog control signals for driving actuators, such as motors, valves, or other actuator devices. By controlling parameters such as voltage, current, or frequency of the analog output signal, precise control of the actuator can be achieved.Data acquisition and monitoring: The analog output module can convert digital data into analog signal output for collecting and monitoring various process variables in the system. For example, it can convert digital signals into analog voltage or current to measure physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, and transmit these data to the

✦ Frequently Asked Questions

—How long can I get the product?
The products are large in stock and can ship today.
—Do you provide warranty for the goods?
Yes, we offer a one-year warranty on all goods shipped from us.
—What are payment ways?
There are many ways(T/T….) for you to choose and You can choose anyone you want.

Main manage distributed :

l Control system (DCS)

l Programmable controller (PLC)

l Vibration system monitoring card (ESD) system card

l TSI Vibration Monitoring System

l Steam turbine control system module

l Gas generator spare parts


l Power industry, the elevator industry, parking, automobile, auto ancillary.

l feed industry, aluminum smelting machines, refrigeration industry.

l steel industry, combustion control systems, non-ferrous metal smelting.

l glass industry, construction machinery, textile machinery, water treatment

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1C31189G03 DeltaV PLC discrete input module

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