Automation technology empowers the sustainable development of human civilization
Vice-Chancellor of Germany and Minister of Economy and Climate Protection Robert Habeck appeared at the Hannover Messe organized by the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (ZVEI) and the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), and visited the booth of Beifu Automation. His conversation with Hans Beckhoff, the global president of Beifu, mainly focused on how automation technology ensures greater sustainability in all aspects of people’s lives and makes significant contributions to environmental protection.
When visiting the Hannover Messe, Robert Habeck, Vice-Chancellor of Germany, was attracted by Beifu booth and stopped to watch. Hans Beckhoff and his two children, General Manager Assistant Frederike Beckhoff and Johannes Beckhoff, who work in the R&D department, welcomed his arrival. After Frederike Beckhoff gave a brief introduction to the company, Hans Beckhoff highlighted Beifu’s various product lines, PC based control technology concepts, and automation solutions.
Automation software: a comprehensive technical solution suitable for all aspects of life
Automation technology has been widely applied in various industries around the world. It is a fundamental technology that can be used in every aspect of social life: from drug packaging to automatic filling of bottled pure water, to automotive manufacturing, “Hans Beckhoff explained and added, The performance of automation equipment determines production efficiency, which determines the consumption of resources. We hope to introduce more powerful automation technologies every year, so we have always regarded ‘engineers must shoulder the responsibility of saving the world!’ as our motto. Automation technology can make people’s daily lives more sustainable and accelerate the technological changes needed to achieve sustainable development. Robert Habeck We cannot live without the inventions and creations of engineers, but they must be guided by social needs in order to fully utilize their professional knowledge and achieve sustainable development

Save resources and reduce Ecological footprint
Hans Beckhoff then introduced various automation solutions that Beifu can provide to save resources and improve sustainability. Beifu’s automation technology is widely used in various applications such as battery production for electric vehicles, photovoltaic equipment, solar cells, and wind turbine control. One out of every three wind turbines in the world is equipped with our control technology. “He gave an example of Beifu’s application in the field of renewable energy power generation. In addition, the targeted implementation of automation solutions can save resources and significantly reduce the Ecological footprint of industrial production in all industries.
Artificial intelligence opens up a world full of new opportunities
When discussing the possibilities brought by Beifu’s future automation solutions, Robert Habeck and Hans Beckhoff both raised the topic of how to better apply artificial intelligence. Beifu has implemented artificial intelligence in the field of software engineering. We should actively explore the possible application scenarios of artificial intelligence technology; it can bring huge advantages. We should recognize this. Once again, the government needs to build a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence, “said Hans Beckhoff. The minister added, “The political question is: regulating artificial intelligence or focusing on its applications? What I want to say is the latter. The decision-making power of human life and death cannot be entrusted to artificial intelligence. We must ask ourselves what impact artificial intelligence will have on humanity
Entrepreneurial Perseverance Achieves Dreams
At the end of the visit, Robert Habeck clearly expressed his deep impression of the diversity of Beifu Automation technology: “When you founded the company over 40 years ago, you didn’t know what the company would develop into in the future. It wasn’t just about the size of the company and the growth of the employee team; the speed of technological progress in the company was also shocking. This is a very remarkable lifelong achievement,” exclaimed the Vice Premier. Beifu currently has 5680 employees worldwide, including over 2200 engineers. We have a deep expertise in automation and apply it to the development of new technologies and products. Beifu will continue to maintain sustainable business growth, develop groundbreaking innovative technologies and products, and follow its new automation technology concept to continuously launch new product series to the market. Therefore, Beifu will continue to invest 80 million euros in research and development this year.