As one of the top ten auto parts technology enterprises in the world, Faurecia has always attached great importance to equipment safety, and has long been a partner with Pirci to work together on the road of equipment safety and safe production.

On July 26, Pilci and Faurecia held a “new look” equipment safety seminar in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Pilci’s safety experts and Faurecia’s EHS elites had a one-day in-depth exchange. The regular technical exchange in the morning was held in the banquet hall on the third floor of the Fuli Wanda Jiahua Hotel in Changzhou. In the afternoon, we went to Pierce’s production factory in Jintan, Changzhou for a rich and colorful visit experience and practical exercises. With the joint efforts of all personnel, this exchange activity was a complete success.

Profession has always been the “ace” of Pearce Magnetic
As a safety expert from Germany, since entering the Chinese market, Pierce Magnetic has taken on the banner of “preaching and teaching” in the field of mechanical safety, conveying our professional knowledge to users and conquering them with our professional knowledge. If you want to ask, what makes Peel Magnet stand out in the fierce market competition? Actually, it’s very simple, only with the word ‘professional’.
Immersive Experience of the Charm of Security Automation


In the afternoon of this exchange activity, a group of people came to the Jintan factory of Pirci. Here, users can not only closely observe the intelligent factory that conforms to the concept of Industry 4.0, test drive the Six degrees of freedom racing platform, but also manually connect the safety control system, and carry out risk assessment practice on the new PRBT test platform, which focuses on an immersive experience, This is a configuration that has never been seen in any previous technical exchange seminar.
In order to provide users with a good activity experience, we divided the entire activity area into multiple functional areas, grouped people, and assigned different activity lines to each group, so as to avoid gathering too many people in a functional area and affecting the activity effect.
The intelligent factory conforms to the concept of “personalized customization and mass production”. Each user visiting the area can personally operate and customize a pen or business card box for themselves, which can be considered a small accompanying gift for this event. Everyone is very happy when they receive the exclusive customized product from the material collection port. Maybe what excites everyone is not this small gift, but the bright future of manufacturing industry seen in the process of product customization.