Schneider Electric, a Digital transformation expert in the field of global energy management and automation, and Tianjin Jinrong Tianyu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinrong Tianyu”) officially signed the Service Cooperation Agreement. Both parties agree to further engage in in-depth exchanges around supply chain, digital factories, intelligent manufacturing, sustainable development, and other fields on the basis of providing a one-stop digital solution for smart energy systems, and work together to innovate to create a win-win and sustainable partnership. Zhang Kaipeng, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of the global supply chain in China, Li Jimin, vice president of Schneider Electric in China and head of the national sales department’s industrial sales and development department, Sun Xingwen, chairman of Jin Rongtianyu, Zhao Hong, president of Jin Rongtianyu, and Xiao Yunzhi, vice president of Jin Rongtianyu, attended the signing ceremony.
Sun Xingwen, chairman of Jinrong Tianyu, said: “This signing activity marks that Schneider Electric has helped Jinrong Tianyu enter a new stage of zero carbon transformation and sustainable development, and Jinrong Tianyu will usher in new opportunities for green and high-quality development.”

The manufacturing industry is the mainstay of China’s national economy. The green development and transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises are crucial for the realization of China’s economy and the “dual carbon” goals. And digital technology can help manufacturing enterprises more effectively improve energy efficiency and achieve green and low-carbon production goals.
Jinrong Tianyu is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of precision metal parts and energy storage products in the whole industrial chain technology, and has maintained a long-term friendly cooperation relationship with Schneider Electric. Through this signing, Schneider Electric will further promote the development level of informatization and intellectualization of equipment and facilities in Jinrong Tianyu Plant, enrich its energy consumption management means in the plant, improve equipment energy consumption supervision ability, practically meet the demand for safe production guarantee such as prediction, early warning and pretreatment of electrical equipment, and achieve economic benefits and reflect social benefits while ensuring energy conservation and consumption reduction.
In the future cooperation process, both parties promise to continue to cooperate around the application and innovation of Schneider Electric’s medium and low voltage products, as well as equipment energy consumption management, life cycle management, safe operation management, informatization and digital operation and maintenance solutions, and jointly establish digital integrated solutions, improve the convenience, safety, energy efficiency and intelligence of Jinrong Tianyu’s operation and management, and achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase; And will further expand the field of technical cooperation, exploring the use of EcoStruxure ™ A feasible solution for platform application, analysis, and service level cooperation. In addition, Schneider Electric will also provide one-stop overall solutions for Jinrong Tianyu and other overseas factory subsidiaries nationwide, and continue to track the construction of Jinrong smart energy management system, provide advice and guidance for them, and help the “double carbon” construction.
Zhao Hong, President of Jinrong Tianyu, said, “Based on the cooperation between the two sides in the field of carbon reduction, Jinrong Tianyu has gained new grip on lean digitization, energy conservation and emission reduction, and sustainable development. Both sides will establish a long-term communication mechanism, output tangible carbon reduction results, and assume corporate social responsibility

As one of the first partners to join Schneider Electric’s “Master of Carbon Reduction” project, Jin Rong Tianyu has cooperated with Schneider Electric for more than 20 years. Schneider Electric has helped Jin Rong Tianyu grow all the way from the aspects of training, hand in hand support for key projects and technical support. By the end of 2022, the company’s carbon emission reduction per billion yuan of sales has decreased by 22.2%, Its smart energy system project has also been successfully selected as a successful case of Schneider Electric’s “carbon reduction master” plan, and has worked with Schneider Electric to promote the joint construction of a broader sustainable ecosystem.
Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric Zhang Kaipeng, the head of global supply chain in China, said: “As an active promoter of energy transformation and power system innovation, Schneider Electric looks forward to working hand in hand with Jinrong Tianyu in the future to deepen cooperation and development between the two sides in supply chain cooperation, digital factory, intelligent manufacturing, sustainable development and other fields, enhance strategic mutual trust, seek innovation and win-win, explore a green development path for more manufacturing enterprises, and inject more power into the construction of new smart energy systems.”