ABB launches new GoFa ™ Collaborative robots set new industry standards with higher loads, larger working ranges, and excellent repetitive positioning accuracy.


With Cat 3/PLd security certification, you can collaborate with people side by side.


Easy programming and rapid deployment further reduce the entry barriers for first-time users, small and medium-sized enterprises, and educators.

ABB has launched two new GoFaTM collaborative robots: GoFa 10 and GoFa 12, adding new possibilities for more efficient automation of collaborative robots. The two collaborative robots, with loads of 10kg and 12kg respectively, have excellent repetitive positioning accuracy and can closely cooperate with workers to complete more tasks, improving safety and productivity while addressing labor and skill shortages. The new GoFa collaborative robot supports simple and intuitive programming methods and can quickly integrate into production environments, reducing the entry barriers for first-time users, educators, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since the launch of YuMi collaborative robots in 2015, ABB has created an industry-leading series of collaborative robot products to meet the growing demand for safe and easy-to-use automation solutions, filling the gap in technical labor, “said Ma Sikang, Global President of ABB’s Robotics Business Unit To meet the demand for collaborative robots with higher loads and larger working ranges, our GoFa 10 and GoFa 12 collaborative robots extend the advantages of automation to new industrial applications, benefiting even first-time users

In addition to improving load capacity, the tool center point (TCP) speed of GoFa 10 and GoFa 12 collaborative robots can reach up to 2m/s, with a leading repetitive positioning accuracy of up to 0.02mm, twice that of other similar solutions. At the same time, the IP67 protection level of GoFa 10 and GoFa 12 can prevent moisture and dust, extending the advantages of high-speed and high-precision collaborative robots to new industrial applications, especially suitable for tasks such as machining, welding, material handling, polishing, and assembly that require strict automation requirements. The GoFa 10 has a working range of up to 1.62m, which is 14% higher than similar products and is sufficient to cover American pallets, making it an ideal choice for palletizing applications.

Lowering the automation threshold for first-time users and small and medium-sized enterprises


The programming, deployment, and use of GoFa 10 and GoFa 12 collaborative robots are very intuitive and easy, reducing the threshold for first-time users and small and medium-sized enterprises to enter automation. Its guided programming and ABB’s Wizard simple programming software greatly simplify setup, eliminating the need to write complex programming code. Even non professionals can quickly achieve application automation by operating simple graphical instruction blocks.

The teaching pendant on the new GoFa is pre installed with the ABB SafeMove application, which has functions such as safety speed limit, static monitoring, and directional monitoring, eliminating the need for bulky protective fences to achieve close collaboration between robots and factory workers.


The GoFa 10 and GoFa 12 collaborative robots are driven by OmniCoreTM controllers. Thanks to ABB TrueMove and QuickMove technologies, OmniCore brings industry-leading motion control, combined with GoFa’s intelligent torque and position sensors, to ensure smooth motion for high-precision surface treatment, tightening, assembly, and testing tasks. In addition, OmniCore also has energy-saving features including energy feedback and braking energy recovery, reducing power consumption by 20%, thereby improving sustainability.


Fully utilizing the innovation of ABB robot ecosystem


In response to the increasingly diverse application of automation, ABB has launched the ABB Robot Ecosystem Program. It integrates with the ABB product line, including the new GoFa collaborative robot, compatible third-party accessories such as grippers, cameras, and custom software, allowing users to easily leverage the growing ABB robot ecosystem to quickly innovate.